Doris Pickering        Board Member, Ainsley House

Being a member of the Leadership Campbell program was an eye-opening journey. I was able to get a glimpse first hand that there are not just 2 sides to every issue, but really 4 or 5! And each viewpoint has a cost / benefit that can be equally valid, only they are all competing for the same pool of limited dollars the City has at its disposal. Learning about all the factors that go into running a city – safety, budgeting, personnel, business, traffic, health, emergency response – all reinforced not only the complexity of successfully managing a city, but also that Campbell is indeed, a truly great place to live due in no small part to the dedicated and skillful management of all parties involved. I’d highly recommend this program to anyone interested in participating in the next session!


       Gary Berg          President, Campbell Police Officers’ Association

The success of Leadership Campbell has proven to be the people involved in the program. By bringing different facets of the community together, relationships and bonds have been formed. These connections will allow all of us to influence those around us in coming together for our common goal – the success of Campbell.  I am honored to be a part of the inaugural session and come away with new insights, knowledge, and most importantly, friendships.


  Jacquie Davidson       Commissioner, Parks and Recreation Commission

I’ve been involved in the City for a number of years and thought I knew quite a bit already. Boy, was I wrong! Leadership Campbell has given me the opportunity to get behind the scenes and learn how things work at both the city and county level. These were not things I could learn easily on my own. Additionally, I was able to meet a whole new network of people who are are committed to Campbell – residents, business members, council members and members of the Congress, the Assembly, and the Senate. This has given me a whole new perspective on how I can make a difference – I feel invigorated and ready for action!


      Michael Rich       Commissioner, Campbell Civic Improvement Commission

As an 18 year resident of Campbell and a leader, participating in the Inaugural Leadership Campbell was an event filled with deep knowledge of our community. I was exposed to information that I would not have had access to if it was not for Leadership Campbell. There was a broad range of topics covered from city government, utilities, health care and the people who keep us safe, County Fire and Campbell Police, just to name a few. Each day we were fortunate enough to have speakers who were experts in their field. I walked away with a greater appreciation for the many individuals that make Campbell a great place to live and proud to be a resident. Furthermore I am equipped with the knowledge to assist me with making decisions on how I want to continue being involved as a leader in Campbell.


Stephanie Q. Nguyen         Board Member, Campbell Chamber of Commerce

Through the leadership program, I’ve gained insight around the inner workings of a city and community. I have a greater appreciation for public officials, health providers, safety officers, and individuals that help bring our community basic necessities such as water and electricity. It’s a wonderful program for anyone that’s interested in getting to know their community from a different perspective.

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